To Help Christians To Grow In Knowledge And Faith

Commission on Christian Education is conducting Christianity revision seminars for A/L students in various places. These revision seminars play a significant role in improving their performance at the G.C.E. (Advance Level), which will also have a direct impact on their future course of study and their carrier in higher classes and university education.

Two seminars were held in Colombo both in Sinhala and Tamil mediums. The main purpose of organizing these seminars is to enhance quality of Christian education in state schools through empowering children with biblical knowledge. Well qualified experienced resource persons conducted the seminar and it was organized to cover the syllabus of Grade 12 and Grade 13 focusing the examination. About 53 A/L students successfully participated in these seminars.

Resource Persons:

Rev. V. Pathmathayalan

Mrs. Glory Hebziba

Rev. K. J. Arurajah

Mrs. Felishiya Irene

Mrs. Radika Mendis

Mr. Prasanna Ranatunga

Mrs. Beula Rosa

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