Associate Member Ecumenical Organizations

Associate Member Organizations

Colombo Theological Seminary

President                    – Professional Amal Kumarage

Principal                     – Dr. Ivor Poobalan

Address                       – 189 Dutugemunu Street Kohuwela.

Web address              –

Introduction about the organization

CTS is an interdenominational, trilingual seminary, offering certificate, diploma, Bachelors and Masters programme accredited by the Asian Theological Association. The average enrolment of students over the last five years has been 900 taking classes in nine centers of study island-wide.  CTS has fulltime and visting faculty  of over 80. In the past 20 years CTS publishing has released over 85 titles.

Youth for Christ

Chairperson                  – Mr. Austine Mascrenghe

National Director         – Mr. Leonard Fernando

Address                          -129/ 1B High level Road, Col 05

E mail                             –

Introduction about the organization

Youth for Christ is an international, non-profit making Christian Organization, which is registered with the Government of Sri Lanka.

The vision; as part of the body of Christ, to see that every young person in every people group in every nation has the opportunity to make an informed decision to be a follower of Jesus Christ and become a part of the local Church.

YFC is a Christian organization that has been involved in the lives of Sri Lankan youth, enhancing their social status through various means including youth clubs, youth camps, sports and talent activities, and drug rehabilitation done at our Drug Rehabilitation Center. Annually we reach over 7000 youth.