Act Alliance

ACT Alliance is a coalition of 137 Churches and faith based organisations, working together in over 100 countries. The global ACT Alliance secretariat is based in Geneva Switzerland, with officers in Amman, Bangkok,Nairobi,New York and San Salvador.

Vision Statement

United in the common task of all Christians to manifest God’s unconditional love for all people, the ACT Alliance works towards a world community where all God’s creation lives with dignity, justice, peace and full respect for human rights and the environment.

Mission Statement

As churches and church-related organisations, we work together for positive and sustainable change in the lives of people affected by poverty and injustice through coordinated and effective humanitarian, development and advocacy work.

Statement of Commitment

ACT Alliance members are bound together by several core values that are grounded in our Christian faith and which guide our humanitarian, development and advocacy work.

We believe that all persons are created in the image of God. Therefore,

  • We act in ways that respect dignity, uniqueness, and the intrinsic worth and human rights of every woman, man, girl and boy
  • We respond to human suffering irrespective of race, gender, belief, nationality, ethnicity or political persuasion
  • We will promote an integrated approach to our work, which includes development, humanitarian assistance, disaster risk reduction, rehabilitation and advocacy
  • We promote a participative, open, enabling style in working relationships where communities are central to identifying their own needs and assets and in determining priorities, approaches and mechanisms for response
  • We support women’s participation and right to make decisions in all aspects of their own lives and that of their family and community
  • We will reflect in communication and fundraising materials the dignity and initiative of affected communities and people will not be portrayed as helpless victims
  • We will guard against the abuse of power by those responsible for protection and assistance to vulnerable communities


Through advocacy ACT Alliance seeks to influence decision makers, policies, structures, systems to bring about a just, peaceful and sustainable world. ACT leverages the knowledge, experience and member relationships, and the power for communities to advocate for just laws, policies and practices at all levels.


ACT Alliance supports, coordinates and facilitates long-term sustainable development activities around the world. ACT is at the forefront of the policy debate ensuring that future development activities are truly transformational and sustainable.

For ACT development is deeply rooted in the growth and protection of human dignity, community resilience and environmental sustainability


Within the diversity of organisations that make up its membership, ACT Alliance endeavours to respond to emergencies around the world – local or global, large or small – with an ecumenical commitment to respond to the needs of communities when they are at their most vulnerable.

ACT members respond to a variety of types of emergency situations.

  1. Sudden-onset emergencies such as natural disasters
  2. Large-scale/global emergencies
  3. Complex emergencies, where there are multi-sectorial needs
  4. Protracted crises, such as long term war and instability that ‘normalises’ an emergency.

The National Christian Council of Sri Lanka, is the only full member in Sri Lanka, as well as the coordinator of the ACT Forum Sri Lanka.