Statement on the forthcoming local Government Elections

The people of Sri Lanka are once again afforded an opportunity to exercise their right of universal franchise by engaging in an Election, to elect representatives of their choice to address the societal needs and aspirations at Local Government Level.

Considering the value and importance of this democratic practice and with a view of sustaining its process and fulfillment of the demands and responsibilities there-in, The National Christian Council of Sri Lanka (NCCSL) wishes to place on record the following:

  • Express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to the Elections Commissioner and its Office for the astute directives, measures and safeguards issued in relation to a smooth forth-coming local government election.
  • Calls upon all political parties and its leadership to approach and engage in their political campaigns and activities with policies, plans and perspectives towards the administration of the local government bodies, as against any hate speech, mud-slinging, accusations, counter accusations, as witnessed in the run up to the said elections.
  • Reminds the people, as voters, to be wise and prudent in exercising their ‘right’ in choosing their representatives, mindful of the fact that the prevailing culture of bribery, corruption and abuse of privileges instigated by those in power is sadly, but surely a reflection of their own actions and choices, as voters.
  • Despite certain short comings, welcomes the decision for the representation of ‘women’ at the forth-coming elections and the need for the presence and empowerment of women and for their voice at decision-making level.
  • Calls upon all law enforcement authorities to act without fear or favor in maintaining law and order, whilst protecting the rights and privileges of all citizens.


Rt. Rev. D.R. Canagasabey – Chairperson of the National Christian Council of Sri Lanka, and Bishop of Colombo, Church of Ceylon, Diocese of Colombo
Rev. Saman Perera and President, Presbytery of Lanka
Rt. Rev. Dr. Daniel S. Thiagarajah, Bishop of Jaffna Diocese, Church of South India
Rev. Asiri P. Perera, President/Bishop, Methodist Church of Sri Lanka
Rev. Heshan De Silva President, Sri Lanka Baptist Sangamaya
Rt. Rev. Keerthisiri Fernando – Bishop of the Church of Ceylon , Diocese of Kurunegala
Rev. Shirley Faber, President, Christian Reformed Church
Colonel Yousaf Masiah ,Territorial Commander, The Salvation Army
Rev. G. Nadarajah, President, Lanka Lutheran Church
Rev. Michael Dissanayake, General Superintendent and Chairman, Assemblies of God of Ceylon
Rev. Leslie Keegal, President, Church of the Four Square Gospel Church in Sri Lanka.
Rev. W.P. Ebenezer Joseph, General Secretary, National Christian Council of Sri Lanka

The NCCSL also represents the following Ecumenical Organizations:

Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA)
Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA)
Student Christian Movement (SCM)
The Ceylon Bible Society
Christian Literature Society
Theological College of Lanka.
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Colombo Theological Seminary
Youth for Christ

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