The National Christian Council of Sri Lanka (NCCSL) acknowledges the decision of the Parliament to elect Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe as the President to complete the presidential term.

Taking into consideration the dire political and economic situation of our country and in heeding the voices of the People, we the Heads of Churches;

  • Call upon the President and the Parliament to immediately take all necessary steps to introduce a constitutional amendment to introduce the best features of the 17th and 19th Amendments to the Constitution with provisions that include effective checks and balances on the ‘executive’ and measures to promote public accountability.
  • Request all the leaders of all political parties and parliamentarians to place the interests of the country as foremost and to immediately work towards forming an All -Party Government, as an interim measure to collectively address the challenges confronting the country, including the ‘ethnic issue’; so that all may rightfully live as citizens with equality and dignity.
  • Call for a General Election to be held within a period of 06-12 months so that the People can elect a new Parliament with a fresh mandate for the government of the country.

In conclusion, we the Heads of Churches of The National Christian Council of Sri Lanka (NCCSL) will continue to stand with the movement for change that has developed in the country.


Constituent Churches:

Rev. Ebenezer Joseph, Chairperson-NCCSL/President Methodist Church of SL

Rt. Rev. Dushantha Rodrigo, Bishop of Colombo

Rt. Rev. Keerthisiri Fernando, Bishop of Kurunegala, Church of Ceylon

Rt. Rev. Dr. Daniel Thiagarajah, Bishop of Jaffna, Church of South India

Rev. Heshan De Silva, President, Sri Lanka Baptist Sangamaya

Rev. Shirley Faber, President, Christian Reformed Church

Rev. Saman Perera, Moderator/President, Presbytery of Lanka

Col. Nihal Hettiarachchi, Territorial Commander, Salvation Army SL

Rev. Chrisso Handy, Superintendent/Chairperson, Assemblies of God

Rev. Harim Peiris, Acting President, Foursquare Gospel Church SL

Constituent Ecumenical Organizations

Young Men’s Christian Association

Student Christian Movement

Young Women’s Christian Association

The Ceylon Bible Society

 Christian Literature Society

Theological College of Lanka

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Sinhala Statement :

Tamil Statement :

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