Our country Sri Lanka will yet again enter into a crucial period of her history with the forthcoming Parliamentary General Elections scheduled for 05 August 2020, where the mind of her citizens will be sought in determining the ‘way forward’ as a nation. 

The National Christian Council of Sri Lanka (NCCSL) in acknowledging the paramount importance of a citizens’ right to vote, calls upon all voters to exercise their rights with due deliberation and responsibility. We wish to place the following before the people for due consideration and prayerful action.

  • The persons elected should ensure responsible governance securing the ‘rights and aspirations’ of all people to live in dignity and equality. Considering the multi-ethnic and multi-religious character of our nation, it becomes grossly imperative that the leadership in governance be fully conscious of this reality and by example commit and display with responsible action to uphold values of diversified co-existence without discrimination. We recall that the introduction of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution was to address the reasonable demands of the Tamil people with respect to language rights and devolution of power.
  • Environment and Land are vital resources that are needed for enrichment of life and development of any country. Hence on such matters relating to life and living, we, as responsible citizens should seek a leadership that will protect the environment, secure life and sustain the rightful use of land for the benefit of the people in general.
  • The separation of powers as vested in the Legislature, Judiciary and the Executive is an essential pre-requisite for a vibrant democracy and the Rule of Law with the necessary checks and balances in governance.  As eligible voters, we should ensure that these important constitutional principles are neither compromised nor diluted, but rather promoted and strengthened.
  • We note that the 19th Amendment to the Constitution that was adopted with the overwhelming support of Members of Parliament across the political divide in 2015 was introduced to curtail the excessive powers of the Executive Presidency, strengthen the powers of the Legislature, the important Independent Commissions and the Right to Information; which has in recent years promoted public accountability and empowered the citizenry.
  • Given the issue of the ‘pandemic’ and in this context, we call upon the voting population that whilst taking every effort to exercise their right to vote, they be conscious to adhere to stipulated health guidelines in combating the deadly virus. We commend the Elections Commission for its commitment to conduct a free and fair election in such challenging circumstances and assure its members of our prayers and support in the weeks ahead.

It is our hope and prayer that the said election will be conducted in a peaceful manner and will lead the ‘voter’ to discern and act wisely to elect a responsible Parliament who will collectively promote the ‘right to life and peace and unity’ in our beloved country.

29th July 2020

Constituent Churches

  • Rev. Heshan De Silva, Chairperson of the National Christian Council of Sri Lanka, and President, Sri Lanka Baptist Sangamaya
  • Rt. Rev. D.R. Canagasabey – Metropolitan’s Commissary and Vicar General, Church of Ceylon- Diocese of Colombo  
  • Rt. Rev. Keerthisiri Fernando – Bishop of the Church of Ceylon, Diocese of Kurunegala
  • Rt. Rev. Dr. Daniel S. Thiagarajah, Bishop of Jaffna Diocese, Church of South India
  • Rev. Saman Perera Moderator/President, Presbytery of Lanka
  • Rev. Asiri P. Perera, President/Bishop, Methodist Church of Sri Lanka
  • Rev. Shirley Faber, President, Christian Reformed Church
  • Lft. Colonel Suresh Pawar ,Territorial Commander, The Salvation Army
  • Rev. Maxwell Doss, General Secretary, National Christian Council of Sri Lanka

Member Ecumenical Organisations

  • Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA)
  • Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA)
  • Student Christian Movement (SCM)
  • The Ceylon Bible Society
  • Christian Literature Society
  • Theological College of Lanka
  • Back to the Bible Broadcast

 Associate Member Churches and Ecumenical Organisations

  • Rev. G. Nadarajah, President, Lanka Lutheran Church
  • Rev. Michael Dissanayake, General Superintendent and Chairman, Assemblies of God of Ceylon
  • Rev. Leslie Keegal, President, Church of the Four Square Gospel Church in Sri Lanka.
  • Rev. T. Thevanesan, President, Church of the American Ceylon Mission
  • Colombo Theological Seminary
  • Youth for Christ

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