Ecumenical Relations

Commission for Ecumenical Relations

Fostering Ecumenical Relations and promoting Ecumenical Witness is the primary mandate of the National Christian Council of Sri Lanka. However there are specific activities to promote Christian unity and Ecumenical witness, not only among our Constituent churches but with all Christian denominations.

Why we promote Christian unity and Ecumenical witness?

Promoting Christian unity and witness by motivating Christians at all levels to be obedient to the prayer of Jesus “that all may be one just as the Father and Jesus are one  so that the ‘World’ may see and believe him”….(John 17:21)

How we promote Christian unity and ecumenical witness

  • Ecumenical formation and leadership
  • Interfaith relations
  • Inter church dialog and relations
  • Common liturgies, worship and lectionaries
  • Joint retreats
  • Theological Reflection
  • Prayer and spirituality


Contact Person – Ms.Rasanthi Kulamannage

Contact No. 011 2667077